Cartoon 4/6



3 thoughts on “Cartoon 4/6

  1. Haha bjorn. EU countries half-assing it is a comedic well that never runs dry. Good work…

    Very nice website you’ve put together. Seriously this thing is PRO-Fesh-un-Al. See you think weekend I hope. Maybe we can…..and trade punches.

  2. Uncle Frank, I take issue with your declaration that the EU is “half-assing” it. Most members of the EU are actually “whole-assing” it, I’ll have you know! In fact, if the measurement of how much ass the EU is implementing at any given time is their treatment of the War in Iraq and their interactions with Barack Obama, then I would argue that the EU is shaking its proverbial bon-bon like there’s no tomorrow! To think you could call ME a bigot! Do you even know what EU stands for? Have you even ever been out of the country? Well, here’s a hint: the E is for EUROPE! But personally, I like to switch the first and second syllables of that word and then make it plural….UP YOURS!

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